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Saghir Dent Dental Clinic is fully equipped to perform state-of-the-art dental extractions and surgical procedures.

Our dental experts, with their skillful and predisposing approach, apply all surgical procedures without any pain.

Tooth extraction

The most common surgical intervention in dentistry is tooth extraction.

After a complete diagnosis and consultation on all therapeutic alternatives, our dentists will offer you extraction (removal) of the incurable, severely damaged tooth. In order for the tooth extraction to be as precise as possible and without injuries to the surrounding tissues, an X-ray must be taken first.

When is tooth extraction performed?

Tooth extraction is performed in the following cases:

– Inflamed sage or impaired sage growth;
– Advanced periodontal diseases associated with bone loss and increased tooth mobility;
– Insufficient space in the jaw bones for breaking and arranging teeth;
– Presence of additional teeth in the mouth that interfere with other teeth;
– Milk teeth that do not fall out, impeding the growth of permanent teeth;


The healing process is usually normal, but in rare cases it may take longer. Feedback from your dentist is extremely important, as more severe inflammation may require antibiotics and painkillers for several days.

Other manipulations

Other commonly used surgical procedures in the oral cavity are removal of cysts, incisions (cutting of soft tissues in order to reach the focus of the inflammatory process), and removal of one or two of the roots of a multi-rooted tooth in periodontal disease, maxillary sinus surgery and etc.

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