Dental therapy and prevention

The health of the teeth and gums is a prerequisite for the general health of a person throughout his life.

The main goal of dental prophylaxis is to inform and protect the patient from diseases of the oral cavity and their complications. It is desirable to perform prophylactic examinations at 6 months to establish the presence of caries, tartar and plaque, and related periodontal diseases.


Endodontics (root canal treatment) is necessary when the soft tissue (pulp) inside the root canal becomes inflamed or infected.

Inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes, most often due to untreated or improperly treated pulpitis or periodontitis.

Why choose Saghir Dent Clinic?

At Saghir Dent Clinic, root canal treatment is performed under a microscope. The clinic has equipment for precise diagnosis and treatment of root canals – removal of inflamed or infected pulp, careful cleaning and shaping of the inside of the root canal, filling and sealing the space. After the endodontic treatment, the tooth is built with photopolymer or crown, which completely restores its function.

Our services

– Prevention and early diagnosis

– Minimally invasive therapy

– Microscopic endodontics

– Endodontics (Protaper)

– Aesthetic restorations with photopolymer

– Cleaning tartar and plaque

– Prevention of coronary heart disease

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