3D modeling Smile Design

Want to transform your smile and have perfect teeth?

Then Sagir Dent clinic is the right place for you!

We offer the Smile Design service, which includes an individual plan to restore your smile, using the latest technologies and materials.

You will be able to boast a perfect smile and more self-confidence. Come to us and let us make a personalized plan for you!

Inspiration for the perfect smile!

Want to see what your smile would look like after the procedure? Now you can! 🦷🔍
Our service offers a 3D visualization of your future smile, prepared using a modern 3D oral scanner. This innovative device allows us to create a virtual realization of your smile ideas before we even begin the procedure. 💫

Stunning innovations are happening in the world of dentistry, and one of the most exciting is the use of 3D modeling. This technology not only changes the way dentists perform their procedures, but also provides patients with better and more personalized treatment. Today we’ll look at how 3D modeling is changing the face of dentistry and what its benefits are.

Personalized treatment

One of the biggest advantages of 3D modeling in dentistry is the ability to create customized and accurate solutions for each patient. With this method, dentists can scan the patient’s mouth and create a three-dimensional model of the condition of the oral cavity. This allows precise planning of procedures and fabrication of individual dental implants and crowns.

Faster and more effective treatment

With traditional methods, dental treatment can sometimes take longer and more visits to the dentist. With the use of 3D modeling, procedures are faster and more efficient. Dentists can see in advance what the final result will look like, allowing them to work more safely and quickly.

A number of applications

3D modeling has a wide range of applications in dentistry. In addition to making custom implants and crowns, it is also used for diagnosis and treatment planning. Dentists can track changes in a patient’s mouth over time, which is especially useful for orthodontic procedures and dental status monitoring.


The use of 3D modeling in dentistry represents a real revolution. This technology is changing the way dentists work and how patients receive treatment. Personalized and precise treatment becomes a reality, and procedures become faster and more efficient.

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