Pediatric dentistry

There is nothing better than a beautiful child's smile

At Saghir Dent Clinic, we not only take care of the health of the elderly but also take special care and patience of the healthy smiles on the faces of our young patients.

Dr. El Daris specializes in pediatric prevention and treatment and advises parents in the prenatal period on how they can take care of their child’s oral health.

Dr. Sania El Daris

Performs treatment and prevention of dental diseases, thorough examination and establishment of oral status in children and adult patients.
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Our services

We offer you the following:

– Silanization – sealing of deep fissures in children

– Fluoride prophylaxis

Restoration by voice ionomer cement in children

What happens during the first child's visit to the dentist?

The first dental examination should ideally begin at 6 months of age or during the child’s first erupted tooth.

In most cases, we focus on predisposing and getting to know your child and giving you basic information about the necessary dental care.

The dental health and well-being of young patients is entrusted to Dr. El Daris, who with her many years of experience, special attitude and patience will assess the condition and health of your child’s teeth and check for potential gum and jaw problems.

Do you have a question?

At Saghir Dent we will answer all your questions about how to take care of your son or daughter’s teeth  and give you recommendations on how to maintain a healthy smile.

And don’t forget – frequent preventive examinations at 4 or 6 months can protect children’s teeth from decay and loss.

Our approach

Visits to the dentist are an important and necessary part of maintaining your child’s oral health. Young children are among the most difficult patients, so our specialists will approach them with attention and understanding.

The friendly atmosphere at Saghir Dent shortens the distance, predisposes and calms the children. Here, visits to the children’s office have become a pleasant experience filled with entertainment and games.

Be sure to book an appointment and start your magical adventure to a healthy and beautiful child’s smile.


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