El Daris

Children's dentist

Dr. Sania El Daris is a specialist dentist in Sofia with over 25 years of experience. Performs treatment and prevention of dental diseases, comprehensive examination and establishment of oral status in children and adult patients.

He graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia in 1994.

2008 - Children's Dentistry Congress, Istanbul, Turkey; 2010 - Therapy Symposium, Aleppo, Syria; 2011 - Orthopedic Dentistry Conference, Damascus, Syria. Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union; Participation in numerous national and international congresses and seminars on the specialty.

Between 1994 and 2013, Dr. El Daris practiced in a private clinic in Syria. In the period from 2013 to 2021, he practiced in a private clinic in Sofia. He is currently practicing at Saghir Dent Clinic Sofia.

10 +
Years of experience
6000 +
Satisfied patients


I. Professional experience

Dr. Sania El Daris graduated in Dental Medicine from the Sofia University in 1994.

Immediately after graduation in 1994, he began practicing in a private clinic in Syria until 2013.

Since 2021, he has been part of Saghir Dent's team.

II. Seminars

2008 Children's Dentistry Congress - Istanbul;

2010 Therapy Symposium – Syria, Aleppo;

2011 Orthopedic Dentistry Conference - Damascus;

2013 Sofia Dental Meeting

2016 7th Global Dentists and Pediatric Dentistry March - Valencia, Spain;

2016 8th Dentistry & Oral Care -Dubai, UAE;

2016 15th Dental Research Berlin, Germany.

III. Lectures by World Lecturers and Dentists

- Alessio Casucci

- Rudy Beckers

- Marco Vanini

- Dr. Ivan Raichev

- Dimitar Sheremetski


Reviews from patients

Daniela Z.
With attention and approach to children.

Tanya G.
A very good specialist and has an amazing approach to children.

Ilmi Ch.
A good specialist. Fair treatment

Nadia I.
As always flawless in everything! Great attitude, professionalism and attention! And the new clinic is cozy and spacious. Thank you Dr. Darris!

Deyana J.
Dr. El Daris has a wonderful and professional attitude towards young patients and their parents!

Borislava P.
She is great! Very calm and attentive with my child. Explains and shows everything she does on the teeth and! Thank you!

Alexander V.
Great professional! With extreme attention to children! If we need to visit a dentist again, we will definitely return to Dr. El Darris!!!

Gergana M.
A great specialist with respect to children!

Nadezhda N.

Milineza Marvakova
Yes, that’s right… Very good specialist… Always smiling and polite…. It’s rare to find such dentists anymore in this nervous environment…. Country…

Kristiana Mladenova
Our most beloved Dr. Sania El Darris ❤

Ruja Staneva
Beautiful, kind hearted woman and professional!!!!

Elena Dincheva
Lovely Dr El Darris!
Emma always looks forward to meeting her with great excitement and anticipation!

Natalia Sabeva
Dr. El Darris is a wonderful specialist!

Antoinette Takova
Dr. El Darris is a wonderful professional, targeting especially the little ones who are the hardest to work with! She has an approach to them and experience! We are happy that we found a and after many unsuccessful attempts …. ❤

Bonka Ilieva
Dr. Daris is very attentive, smiling and wonderful!🍀

Stanimira Ilieva
The most wonderful Dr. Elle Darris, my kids look forward to seeing her!

Kristiana Mladenova
The best !!! The kids really love her ❤

Dilyana Yordanova
Dr. El Darris – you are wonderful! Thank you!

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