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Dr. Hassan Saghir is a dentist with over 25 years of experience in the city of Sofia. Over the years, Dr. Saghir established himself as an indispensable specialist in the field of prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry (placing ceramic crowns and/or veneers), has extensive experience in root canal treatment and oral surgery. Since 2008, he has been working with the PROTAPER endodontic system for manual and machine processing of canals and relining. Performs treatment and prevention of dental diseases, comprehensive examination and establishment of oral status in children and adult patients.

Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Sofia Medical University in 1994. Currently, Dr. Saghir specializes in Prosthetic Dentistry.

During the period from 1995 to 2011, Dr. Saghir was a manager and dentist in a Private Dental Clinic. From 2000 to 2011, he was the Head of the Pediatric Dentistry Department at the Dental Clinic. Dr. Saghir has worked in the field of prosthetic dentistry for many years. Currently, he is a co-founder and practices at Saghir Dent Clinic Sofia
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I. Professional experience

1. Manager and dentist in a private dental clinic,/Syria/1995-2011;

2. Head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry in a dental clinic, 2000-2011;

3. Manager and dentist in a private dental clinic /Bulgaria/2021.

II. Postgraduate Qualifications

1-In the aspect of Prosthetic Dentistry:

– Workshop on prosthetic restoration with metal-ceramic crowns – 1998;

– Workshop on prosthetic restoration with model fused prosthesis – 2002;

- Workshop on prosthetic restoration with all-ceramic crowns - 2006 and zirconium crowns - 2008

2- In the aspect of Aesthetic Dentistry:

– Course on planning and restoration of ceramic veneers – 2010;

Lectures on planning and restoration with zirconia veneers by the following teachers:
Daniel Rodney - Italy;
Edward McLaren - USA;
Sergey Chikonov - Russia;
Stephan Koubi - France;
Andrea Savi - Italy.
Neobiotech World Symposium 2016 Los Angeles, California- /USA/ 2016
Workshop for functional aesthetic rehabilitation by Claudio Nanini and Kiril Dinov – 2018

3-In the aspect of Endodontics:

- since 2008 has been working with the PROTAPER endodontic system for manual and machine rooting.

– Security and peace in endodontics SAFE–SIDER/EDS, USA 2013;

– Laser therapy in the daily practice: high and low frequency lasers 2013;

– Computer controlled anesthetics in dentistry and STA equipment 2013.

4-In the aspect of Implantology:

Colloquium on Aesthetics and Implantology, Borovets /Bulgaria/ – 2014;
OSSRTEM Implant Sofia /Bulgaria/ -2018;
Neobiotech World Symposium Young-Ku, Heo Seoul /South Korea/-2015;
Neobiotech World Symposium Los Angeles, California- /USA/ 2016;
Seminar on Implantology and Restorative dentistry By Ralev Dental INC and Partners Sofia, /Bulgaria/ 2016.

III. Membership in scientific organizations

– Bulgarian Dental Union  (https://bzs.bg) ;

– Syrian Dental Union (syriadent.org.sy).

IV. Participation in congresses and symposia

  • Children's Dentistry Congress - held by UNICEF - 1998;
    Participated in IV, VI, XIII Congress of the Syrian Dental Association;
    Congress on aesthetics and veneers in the city of Istanbul /Turkey/ - 2009;
    Congress on endodontics and prosthetics in Dusseldorf /Germany/ - 2010;
    Congress of Oral Surgery and Implantology, Dubai /UAE/ - 2011;
    Congress on Aesthetics and Prosthetics, Brisa /Italy/ - 2013;
    Sofia Dental Meeting Sofia /Bulgaria/ 2013;2015;
    Course on planning and restoration of ceramic veneers by Dr. Georgi Iliev, 2015;
    Neobiotech World Symposium Los Angeles, California- /USA/ 2016;
    Neobiotech World Symposium In-Ho, Kim - Sofia/Bulgaria/ 2016;
    6th Annual Congress of the Bulgarian Dental Union 2016-Sofia /Bulgaria/;
    GAO Europe Symposium Dr. Young-Ku Heo /Austria/- 2018;
    Congress of Functional Dentistry, Prague /Czech Republic/ -2019.


Reviews from patients

Iva G.
Dr. Saghir is a wizard! There is an individual approach to each patient! I highly recommend!

Nadezhda N.
I recommend without any reservations!

Deyan G.
Great attitude and professionalism!

Vaska A.
Professional attitude, fast and quality work. I recommend.

Tanya N.
A true professional! Competence, attitude, attention – I always trust him. Great both as a doctor and as a person. Stay healthy Dr. Saghir! Respect!!!

Anelia S.
Correct, punctual, polite. I strongly recommend it!

Desislav D.
Excellent attitude and professional fast work. I would recommend anyone to see Dr. Saghir. Definitely 5/5 rating.

Zornitsa M.
An extremely attentive and calm professional, he explains the patient’s situation very well and brings a feeling of a close environment in which one can trust and relax. Thanks!

Anna-Sarah K.
I am very satisfied with the attitude and professionalism of Dr. Saghir and his team!

Ivan S.
As a person, he is very attentive, polite, well-intentioned towards the patient. As a professional – I rate it very highly. My father was a dentist, I still have all my teeth in my mouth, but care is needed. I mention this to point out that I have experience as a patient of dentists, and a serious one at that.

Elena D.
Excellent professional! Always approaches with attention, understanding and care.

Svetla Marinova
Sofia loves you, everyone in the city knows you, I keep coming across people you treated and are treating. May you be alive and healthy!❤️

Vladimira Marinova
Be very very healthy!! ❤️

Vasil Gulubov
The best 🔝

Feras Agha
Good job Doc..

Ruja Staneva
Well done, I am happy for you, you are a capable doctor!

Ruja Staneva
What you are doing is great and humane!

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