Dental Implantology

Dr. Anton Kozarov graduated from Sofia Medical University, Faculty of Dental Medicine in 2014 as an honors student.
Work in the field of oral surgery and implantology.

Work experience:
• Since 2016, he has been a full-time assistant at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia University
• Since 2020, there is a recognized specialty "Oral Surgery"
Scientific activity and scientific works:
• Participant in 2 prize-winning scientific projects of the Sofia University
• Author and co-author in 4 publications in the periodical scientific press
• 2013 - ICMS - first place
• 2014 – Honorary plaque and certificate for excellent success in studies and state exams
Memberships in organizations:
• Member of the Bulgarian Dental Union
• Member of the Bulgarian Association of Oral Implantology
• Member of ITI (International Team of Implantology)

A dental implantologist, such as Dr. Kozarov, is a trained specialist who deals with the process of placing dental implants in the jaw. With its help, you will achieve excellent dental health!

Clinical case 1 - Immediate implantation with a temporary crown

Clinical case 2 - Immediate implantation with a temporary crown

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