Anti COVID-19 Measures:

The maximum level of sanitary and anti-epidemic regime is observed

– Ventilation of offices every 2 hours or after each patient;

– Increased frequency of cleaning with a disinfectant in all rooms of the clinic;

– Wearing a mask on the territory of the clinic is absolutely mandatory.

– Disinfection of hands is performed before and after each patient;

– It is strictly forbidden to visit the clinic even with minimal symptoms of acute viral infection.

Maximum patient protection

– Only pre-registered patients are admitted, without signs of acute viral infection – fever, malaise, cough, etc.

– Adequate patient planning is provided, which prevents crowding and waiting;

– Upon entering the clinic, disinfection is offered to each patient;

– Patients must observe a social distance of 2 m while waiting for their examination;

Let's be responsible!

За да осигурим най-добрито изживяване, ние използваме технологии като бисквитки за съхраняване и/или достъп до информация за устройството. Съгласието с тези технологии ще ни позволи да обработваме данни като поведение при сърфиране или уникални идентификатори на този сайт. Несъгласието или оттеглянето на съгласието може да повлияе неблагоприятно на определени характеристики и функции. Приемам

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