Aesthetic dentistry

Dr Sagir is everything you want from a specialist and more. Experienced with patients of all ages, his perfectionism will bring you back your happy and healthy smile. He prepares an individual plan for each patient, ensuring precision even to the smallest details.

Dr. Hassan Saghir

Caring for the beauty of your smile.
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A complete change to achieve your dream smile

The smile is the most important tool that reflects our mood and emotions. It directly affects our social life and our psychological health People with beautiful smiles lead a more confident and happy life, create a better impression and establish more active relationships.

What is an aesthetic smile?

Aesthetic smile has a different meaning for each patient, just as desires, needs and understandings of beauty are different. Many patients want a smile design that they have seen and liked on someone else, but as a rule, the treatment process must be specially planned for each individual patient.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is the most modern method of aesthetic dentistry, including planning, 3D modeling and performing the necessary procedures to achieve a Hollywood smile, achieved through minimally invasive methods.

Smile design allows the patient to see in advance a model of their future smile and during the preparatory stage to actively participate and adjust according to their wishes the shape, size and color of the teeth.

Smile design quickly and reliably applies a variety of healing and aesthetic techniques and tools – from teeth whitening to replacement of missing teeth and everything else in between.

Our services

At Saghir Dent Clinic we follow the extremely rapid development of aesthetic dentistry and use the latest technologies and materials in dentistry to achieve results that will make you smile even more.

– Bonding
– Facets
– Metal-ceramic and Zirconium crowns
– Professional office whitening
– Home Bleaching
– Aesthetic restorations
– Thermosens prostheses

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