3D scanning

How it works?

The intraoral scanner works with the latest half-generation 3D technology, thanks to which it precisely captures the exact geometry and color of the teeth.

What is 3D scanning?

3D scanning is a technology for creating accurate and precise digital 3D models of objects from the physical world. With this technology, the shape and geometry of an object is captured using a 3D scanner. The result is a 3D file that can be saved, modeled and edited, and even 3D printed. There are many different technologies for scanning objects, environments, and people, and each technology has its limitations and advantages.

Unlike traditional prints, the digital work protocol greatly facilitates and speeds up the transfer of “prints” from the clinic to the laboratory.

The main advantage of digital impressions is that, thanks to them, we save patients the unpleasant feeling of taking impressions with other medical materials.

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