Imaging diagnostics

What is imaging?

Imaging describes various techniques for viewing the inside of the oral cavity to help confirm a diagnosis.

With these advances, the need for more precise diagnostic tools, especially imaging methods, has become imperative.

From simple intraoral periapical X-rays, advanced imaging techniques such as computed tomography, cone beam computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound have also found a place in modern dentistry.

The change from analog to digital radiography not only made the process simpler and faster, but also made image storage, manipulation (brightness/contrast, image cropping, etc.) and retrieval easier.

Three-dimensional imaging has made complex craniofacial structures more accessible for examination and early and accurate diagnosis of deep-seated lesions.

A similar diagnostic tool is Imaging. It turned out to be an extremely widely used and widespread diagnostic method in dentistry. Thanks to its high accessibility, reduced radiation dose, the ability to control the field of view and the definition of the images, it is the ideal technique for diagnosis in dentistry

Recent evidence shows that even the most complex orthodontic treatment plans can be carried out with standard software based on a single diagnostic examination, without the need for multiple examinations.

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