Aesthetic Orthodontist

Dr. Handzhiyski was born in the city of Blagoevgrad, 1984.

He graduated with an excellent medal from the Natural and Mathematical High School "Acad. Sergey Korolev" 2002 In the same year, he applied to the Medical University of Sofia and was accepted with the maximum score for a student in the specialties "Medicine" and "Dentistry".

He chose to devote himself to Dentistry. During the training process, he showed a deep interest in the specialty "Orthodontics". He graduated in 2008 as valedictorian. In 2009, he began a clinical residency in Orthodontics at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Medical University of Sofia. In 2012 he graduated as a specialist in Orthodontics.

He focuses his clinical interests on extraction-free therapy, the use of orthodontic mini-implants (TADs) to achieve space in the dental arch and pre-opening tooth extractions for orthodontic indications ; aesthetic treatments with devices preserving the discretion of the healing process - the Invisalign® system of transparent aligners.

Dr Khandjiyski offers his patients the ease and convenience of most orthodontic dental procedures on site at Saghir Dent. 
Regardless of the intervention needed, you can be sure she will be performed by a careful, compassionate and kind doctor. 

An individual plan is drawn up for each patient, providing him with a perfect smile.
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I. Professional experience

1. Graduated specialist-orthodontist since 2012 with independent practice in the city of Sofia, Studentski Grad and the city of Plovdiv, Komatevo

2. Consultant orthodontist at the MASTERDENT clinic, from the team of Dr. Tatyana Taseva, Sofia

3. Specialist in dental medicine in City Dentistry, Sofia, with a predominant focus on specialized orthodontic work 2009-2012.

4. Specialist in orthodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University, Sofia, 2009-2012.

II. Diplomas and honors

1. Laureate of the National Olympiad in Biology 2002.

2. Laureate of the National Olympiad in Chemistry 2002.

3. Participation in the International Biology Olympiad, Riga Latvia 2002.

4. Winner of the Sofia Medical University "Golden Hippocrates" award, 2008 - award for outstanding academic achievements during the master's degree.

III. Courses and qualifications Orthodontics

1. "Development of occlusion from birth to adulthood" Sofia, Prof. Laura Andreeva, Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia Medical University. 19.03.2011

2. "Problems of age-related orthodontics and interdisciplinary treatment of patients, Prof Vincent Kokich, USA. 09/17/2010 - 09/18/2010

3. "Application of the Myofunctional Appliances", Prof. Daniel Rollet, French Bioprogressive Society, France. 16.09.2011- 18.09.2011

4. "Control of High Angle Malocclusion" Dr. Derek Mahony, Australia. 17.05.2012-20.05.2012

5. "Application of mini-implants in orthodontic practice" Prof. Birte Melsen, Denmark. 15.09.2012

6. "Bioprogressive Therapy Philosophy, Wilson 3D orthodontic appliances" Lecture and Hands-On Course. Dr. Nelson Oppermann, Brazil. 02.03.2013-04.03.2013

7. "Micro implants in Orthodontics", Dr Martin Baxmann, Germany. 21.03.2015-22.03.2015

8. "Class II Treatment" Dr. Martin Baxxmann, Germany. 21.03.2015-22.03.2015

9. "3D Winn Lingual Orthodontics The Next Generation. Treatment With Individual Lingual Braces" Prof. Dirk Wiechmann, Germany. 24.04.2015- 25.04.2015

10. "Immersion in Bioprogressive Therapy" Dr Nelson Oppermann, Brazil. 04/03/2017-04/04/2017

11. "Cranio-mandibular Dysfunction - Diagnostics, Therapy And Rehabilitation" Prof. Dr Alladin Sabbah, Germany. 16.09.2017- 17.09.2017

12. "Seeking Efficient And Effective Dentofacial Orthopedics: Lessons Learned Along The Way" Prof. Dr. James A. McNamara DDS, MS, PhD, USA. 15.09.2018

IV. Invisalign courses and qualifications

  • 1. Invisalign® Study Club. Case studies and Clin Check review step by step. Attachments and cuts analysis. Monitoring ongoing treatments" Dr. Dimitris Papageorgiou, Greece. 24.02.2018

    2. Invisalign® Study Club. SmartForce and ClinCheck® software features.Troubleshooting. Refinements. Patient selection. Practice organization." Dr. Joanna Gidarakou, Greece. 13.04.2019

    3. "Carriere 3D Motion Appliance. Application in Class I, II, and III cases. New generation SLX selfligating braces" Dr. Luis Carrière, DDS, MS, PhD, Spain. 28.09.2019

    4. Invisalign® Course: "Vertical correction using Invisalign® clear aligners. Treatment of Deep Bite Cases - Useful Features and Tips" Dr. Dieter Brothag, DDS, Dip. Ortho, Specialist in orthodontics, Germany. 09.11.2019

    5. Invisalign® Course: "Antero-Posterior Correction: Tips and tricks for addressing A-P discrepancies, using Invisalign® clear aligners" Dr Mario Greco, DDS, Dip. Ortho, Specialist in orthodontics, Italy. 12.11.2019

    6. Invisalign® Two Days Intensive Course by Dr. Joanna Gidarakou, DDS, Dip. Ortho, Specialist in orthodontics, Invisalign® Speaker, Greece. 15 - 16 November 2019

    7. Invisalign® Course: "Treating Children And Teenagers using Invisalign® clear aligners: Tips and tricks for addressing A-P discrepancies, using Invisalign® MA Feature" Prof. Dr. Simonetta Meuli, DDS, Dip. Ortho, Specialist in orthodotics, European Invisalign Consultant, Italy. 21 November 2019

    8. Invisalign® Course: "Vertical Dimension Correction." Dr. Owen Crotty, DDS, Dip. Ortho, Specialist in orthodontics, Cork, Ireland. 17 December 2019

    9. Invisalign® Course: "In Practice Teen Workflow including Invisalign Treatment with Mandibular Advancement Features." 18 December 2019

    10. Invisalign® Course: "Personalized Continuing Invisalign Education. Efficiently Review ClinCheck Treatment Plans. Smart Force Features, Monitoring Skills" Dr Erico Pilapil, DDS, Dip. Ortho, Specialist in orthodontics, USA. 08 February 2020

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